International Program Committee for SFP 2013

The program will be assembled by an experienced international program committee:

M. Becoulet - CEA Cadarache, France

J. Harris - ORNL Oak Ridge, USA

A. Kirk - CCFE Culham, UK

T. Morisaki - NIFS Toki, Japan

R. A. Moyer - UCSD La Jolla, USA

K.H. Spatschek - U Duesseldorf, Germany

W. Suttrop - IPP Garching, Germany

H. Wilson - U York, Ireland

R. Wolf - IPP Greifswald, Germany







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Institute of Energy and
Climate Research
Plasma Physics
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Go-Symbol  Oliver Schmitz
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Go-Symbol  Yunfeng Liang
Tel. +49-2461-61-6002

Conference Secretary
to be determined

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